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SOAR is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional mental health services to victims of sexual trauma and their families regardless of their ability to pay. 

A leader in the field, SOAR also provides education, advocacy and professional development.

SOAR's recovery services include individual, family and group psychotherapy services designed to help victims of all ages recover from the sex crimes that have been committed against them. More than 2,000 adults, adolescents, children, and their families residing in Delaware and the surrounding counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland utilize SOAR’s services annually.


1 out of 4 girls will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime

victims of sexual abuse

1 out of 6 boys will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime


1 in 4 adults have been sexually assaulted at least once, often well before their 10th birthday.

victims of sexual abuse

Victims of sexual abuse often suffer from PTSD, Addiction, Major Depression and even Suicide

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