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Working to Help Fade the Dark Shadow of Sexual Abuse

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Faith Johnson

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Faith Johnson
Development Director

Faith Johnson (she/her) is a Wilmington, Delaware native who has joined SOAR as the Development director. She attended Delaware State university in Dover, DE where she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Faith has worked in a variety of different areas when it comes to human services and is very passionate about her community and its youth. Her areas of expertise include community outreach, project management, family services and community engagement. Faith believes in the work that SOAR does and is elated to be a part of the team to create more community presence for the organization. Faith is an advocate in her community and supports all aspects of therapy as it has greatly impacted her family in a positive way. Faith has goals to continue collaborating with other organizations, city council members and state legislators to showcase the work SOAR has conducted over the last 30 years.

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