SOAR's recovery services include individual, family and group psychotherapy services designed to help victims of all ages recover from the sex crimes that have been committed against them. Services are available statewide through 4 office locations, in Wilmington, Newark, Dover, and Georgetown. Most health insurance plans are accepted. Subsidies are available to those who are uninsured or unable to afford the full cost of treatment services.

Our Services

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Individual  Therapy

Phase I : Safety and Stabilization

SOAR offers  individual therapy for adult, adolescent, and child survivors of sexual abuse and/or assualt. Treatment is provided by experienced clinicians who specialize in problems related to sexual trauma.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Phase II: Working through trauma

Family Therapy

Since sexual abuse can have an effect on the entire family systems, our clinicians often treat nuclear or blended family issues that might arise when one or more family members have suffered trauma.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Help for Loved Ones

Our groups for partners, caregivers and other loved ones provide a place where family and friends can get information, and ask questions, voice their concerns, and receive helpful feedback from others who may be experiencing similar difficulties. Couples groups are available to survivors who want to work on intimacy and communication issues within an ongoing realtionship.

Group Therapy for Adults

Phase I: Safety and Stabilization

12 week psychoeducational program designed to help clients develop personal safety and stability. Topics include: family relationships, boundry setting, safety plans, etc.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Phase II: Working through trauma

16 week program follows a Gestalt group therapy model. Designed to give clients the opportunity to recount abuse in a safe environment.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

     Phase III: Reconnection





12 week program in the form of traditional group therapy. Deals with healthy sexuality and intimacy

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Post Phase III Group Options:





Therapeutic Community

or Sexual Healing

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Group Therapy for Teens

SOAR provides a unique group therapy program for teens which offers an opportunity to be with others who have shared similiar abusive experiences.  Peer support has proven to be a valuable tool for reducing isolation as it helps teens recognize that they are not all alone in the recovery process.  Group therapy also helps eliminate the self blaming and stigma that surrounds sex crimes.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

SOAR's group therapy services for sexual abuse victims ages 13-18 are offered throughout the year. This 12-week program for teens embraces the same goals as SOAR's adult therapy group program in a shortened format.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

A separate therapeutic group for parents or caregivers is offered at the same time and in the same location as the adolescent group, when enrollment permits, in our statewide locations.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Community Outreach

SOAR is dedicated to assisting surviors of sexual abuse trauma through community education and consultation. Our clinicians are available to come to your school or office to teach empowerment skills to children and teenagers, provide information to parents and professionals regarding how to talk to children and teenagers about sexual abuse and assault, and provide consultation to other mental health professionals who encounter sexual trauma issues in their practice


Federal Funding of Services

SOAR's services and counseling to victims and survivors of sexual assault are partially funded by the Delaware Criminal Justice Council through the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime (VOCA – Victims Assistance Formula Grant). These VOCA funded services (individual and group) come at no cost to survivors.”