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SOAR's recovery services include individual, family and group psychotherapy services designed to help victims of all ages recover from the sex crimes that have been committed against them. Most health insurance plans are accepted. Subsidies are available to those who are uninsured or unable to afford the full cost of treatment services.

Please inquire with our intake department as to specific availability and current offerings. 

Our Services

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Individual  Therapy

Phase I : Safety and Stabilization

SOAR offers individual therapy for adult, adolescent, and child survivors of sexual abuse and/or assault. Treatment is provided by experienced clinicians who specialize in problems related to sexual trauma. Soar professional psychotherapy services are also available to loved ones of victims, secondary survivors

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Phase II: Working through trauma

Family Therapy

Since sexual abuse can have an effect on the entire family systems, our clinicians often treat nuclear or blended family issues that might arise when one or more family members have suffered trauma.

Help for Loved Ones

Our groups for partners, caregivers and other loved ones provide a place where family and friends can get information, and ask questions, voice their concerns, and receive helpful feedback from others who may be experiencing similar difficulties. 

Group Therapy Tri-Phasic Model 

Phase I: Safety and Stabilization

 Psychoeducational program designed to help clients develop personal safety and stability. Topics include: family relationships, boundry setting, safety plans, etc.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Phase II: Working through trauma

Program follows a Tri-phasic trauma group therapy model. Designed to give clients the opportunity to recount/ or process abuse in a safe environment.

sexual trauma recovery delaware

     Phase III: Reconnection





Program in the form of traditional group therapy. Deals with healthy sexuality and intimacy

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Post Phase III Group Options:





Therapeutic Community

or Sexual Healing

sexual trauma recovery delaware

Group offerings change throughout the year. Please inquire with our intake department as to current open offerings and waitlists for upcoming groups.

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Please email to get updates on our current offerings. 

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