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Trauma Institute


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Protecting the Future With Best Practices Today

Thank You for a Wonderful Conference!


Presented this Year:

Dr. Sandra L. Bloom, MD

Aileen Fink, PhD

Berkeley Antonioli, PhD, LCSW, MEd

Beth Barol, PhD, LSW, BCB, NADD-CC

Ginny Focht-New, PhD, PMH-CNS, BCB, NADD-CC

Laurel M. Silber, PsyD·

Heather McGonigle, LPC, LPCMH

Claudine Wiant, JD

Julius Mullen, Ed.D., LPCMH

Eliza M. Hirst, Esq., CWLS

Johanna P. Bishop, Ed.D., CPT

Lydia DeBiase LCSW

Natasha Mullen LPCMH, LMSW,ACS

Mandell Much PhD

Please Download the PDF Below for the Schedule of Presenters, their Biographies, and Continuing Education Information


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